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Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and i said it is somebody we have to believe it whitt's friend. but john is-- he's just,un, a great actor with impeccable comedy timing. and i always saw great humor in those scenes. and so we always knew we needed somebody who was going to be able to just naturally bring that to the part. >> rose: denzel described him as a scene stealer. >> well, i guess you could say that. >> you can't steal scenes if you aren't any good. >> rose: exactly. >> he's very, very good. very, very good. >> rose: roll tape. this is the first scene. this is denzel getting ready for takeoff, take a look as pilot. >> i don't think so, sir. >> are you sure? >> whitt whitaker. >> nice to meet you, >> my pleasure. >> oxygen, check. you want a hit? >> no, thank you, sir. >> you sure? >> yes, sir. . >> how you feeling today, sir? >> a little tired. quick turnaround for me. off tomorrow. >> here's coffee. >> oh, thank you. >> and your aspirin. >> thank you. >> and the manifest with 102 souls on board. thank you, thank you, thank you. let's get them tucked in. we're ready to push. >> you got it. >> rose: this youn
Nov 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
. >> the un, arab league special envoy met with the china foreign minister to try to stop the civil war. they said they are willing to work with the international community but that the future should be determined by the people. >>> the united states government may have known about security risks at the embassy in libya before the deadly attack that killed the ambassador. according to reports the united states mission held an emergency meeting less than a month before the attack. they discussed their fear that the embassy couldn't with stand a coordinated attack. officials also reportedly sent a classified cable to the secretary of state warning her about the concerns. >> this morning union city officially opens what it calls the new station center. that center will be a transit hub. it'll be a gateway to silicon valley they say. its right next to the union city bart stationt. will include a fountain sculpture. it also has 157 unit housing complexes, the ribbon cutting ceremony is at 1. >> bart may have solved the bad smell on escalators. bart wants to put up canopies to keep out the
Nov 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
arturo. es que... es que tengo miedo. además, vamos a ver un parque muy conocido de la ciudad de méxico, el bosque de chapultepec. ( vendadora pregona comestibles ) papá, ¿estás despierto? sí, hija. ¿ya llegaron? sí. están aquí afuera. ¿y qué esperas? ihazlos pasar! captioning of this program is made possible by the annenberg/cpb project and the geraldine r. dodge foundation. quería hacerte una pregunta. sí, dime. ¿te gustaría hacer un viaje a cozumel? ¿a cozumel? en el episodio previo, arturo le sugirió a raquel la idea de ir a cozumel con sus padres. raquel quedó bien impresionada por el interés que arturo había tomado en sus padres pero raquel y arturo decidieron hablar con ellos antes de tomar una decisión. ¿...que mis padres vayan también? ha sido un gusto. que tengan buen viaje. mientras tanto, a don fernando lo dieron de alta y pudo regresar a casa. pero las noticias sobre su estado de salud no eran buenas. ¿saben algo de don fernando? pues sí, pero... las noticias no son muy buenas. en nueva york, juan le dijo a pati que había decidido volver a méxico p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3